April 25, 2012-Divyendu Sinha Murder Case Trial Update-20

April 26, 2012

 Dear Supporters of Sinha Family and Community Members:

Namaste. Here is the summary of the sixth day of trial (April 25) of Dr. Divyendu Sinha’s Murder Case.

Remaining dates of the trial this week are: April 26 and 27. Trial is most likely to conclude on Friday.

Ashish Sinha, elder son of Divyendu and Alka Sinha will testify today on April 26.

Time is from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM with one hour lunch break, usually from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. If you plan to attend, either arrive by 8:45 AM or 1:15 PM at court room #501.  Also keep 10 minutes for security check. Please call me at 732-754-1727 or send email to vicharak@gmail.com , if you are coming.


The attack on the Sinha family occurred on the night of June 25, 2010 around 11:20 PM. Dr. Sinha died of head injuries on June 28.

Attackers who were indicted by a Grand Jury are: Steven Contreras (SC) 18, Cash Q. Johnson (CJ), 18, Christian M. Tinli (CT), 19, Christopher Conway (CC), 18, and Julian C. Daley (JD), 17. Ages are as of June, 2010.

While Steven Contreras is being tried separately, trial of the remaining four defendants will tentatively start on July 10.

Trial Day 6, Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 Old Bridge.JPG


                     Mrs. Alka Sinha



old-bridge-teens-tried-adults-sinhajpg-fdb9eff374f9bf9a_large.jpg       Inline image 1

               Dr. Divyendu Sinha (1961-2010)            Steven Contreras

Judge:  Bradley Ferencz (BF)

Asst. Public Prosecutor: Christopher Kuberiet (CK)

Defense Attorney: Hassen Abdellah (HA)

Defendant: Steven Contreras (SC)

State vs. Steven Contreras           Prosecutor File #2010-2581        Indictment: 10-11-01628

Following Witnesses took stand and were cross examined.

1.    Sargent Paul Miller (PM) Testimony continued from April 24.

2.    Dr. Meredith Tinti, Trauma Surgeon at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital

3.    Briana Amato, a friend of Julian Daley

4.    James Sheehan

5.    James Genoea

6.    Ashley Cullaine

7.    Derrick Pellegra

Witness Sargent Paul Miller’s cross examination continued today.

Defense Attorney, HA to PM:
You did not ask SC specifically about Press Mill (@ cornering AM in Dead End Street)

You asked 94 questions in 27 minutes. In second interview, you asked 400 questions.

SC thought that they were going to MM’s house to apologize.

Then, HA gave statistics of number of calls and text messages between all the defendants. His strategy was to prove that SC had a minimum number of calls and text messages because he was not involved in the conspiracy to commit the crimes.

 To counter the defense strategy which laid blame at the doorstep of the detectives and attempted to prove that there was no inconsistency between the statements given by SC on 6/36 and 6/30/2010, First Assistant Public Prosecutor Christopher Kuberiet (CK) cross examined Detective Paul Miller.

It can be safely said that he came out swinging and nailed down every lie of Steven Contreras.

Here is the gist of his cross examination. 

Steven Contreras gave police two statements, on June 26 and June 30, 2010. The following list shows inconsistencies and lies.

It is apparent that JD was issuing orders to CC on what to say to police and deleting text messages. He gave same orders to SC. SC followed JD’s orders (6/30).

6/26 Stmt: SC drove James Sheehan and James Geneoa home from Wendy’s.

6/30 Stmt: SC never drove Sheehan or Geneoa.

6/26 Stmt: SC did not mention JD’s orders to delete text messages.

6/30 Stmt: SC admits to deleting text messages on orders from JD.

6/26 Stmt: SC said he went to Wendy’s with JD and CC.

6/30 Stmt: SC went to Wendy’s with JD, CC, CT and CT.

6/26 Stmt: SC gives information on only two defendants, JD and CC

6/30 Stmt: SC gives information on all four defendants.

6/26 Stmt: He does not mention Steve Lopez

6/30 Stmt: He mentions that he and others were at SL’s home from as early as 2:00 PM.

6/26 Stmt: Does not mention Casey Raymond

6/30 Stmt: Mentions Casey Raymond.

6/26 Stmt: He gets on Nathan by making a left off Overhill.

6/30 Stmt: He gets on Nathan by making a right on Nathan from Morris.

6/26 Stmt: No mention of going to the corner of Nathan and Fela and turning off car lights.

6/30 Stmt: Mentions going to the corner of Nathan and Fela and turning off car lights.

6/26 Stmt: JD knocked off glasses from the kid

6/30 Stmt: CJ knocked off glasses from the kid

6/26 Stmt: He does not mention seeing attack on Sinha family.

6/30 Stmt: He specifically identifies all four co-defendants He saw JD jumping and throwing a punch.

6/26 Stmt: He does not mention screams.

6/30 Stmt: He mentions hearing woman screaming.

6/26 Stmt: Did not mention Anthony Martino and Michael Martinaz.

6/30 Stmt: Details chasing AM’s car and call from MM.

The above discrepancies clearly indicate that SC lied to the Detective under oath.

CK also brought out that SC never asked others to get off his car, never went home and did not call 911 when he witnessed the attack on the Sinha family.

SC said that he turned off his lights because he did not want anyone to see the car.

What they were doing on Nathan? SC has said, they were amped up so they wanted to find some kids and F*** them up.

Defense Attorney, HA tried to prove that the Detective had all the information about others involved and the attack on Anthony Marino’s car when they interviewed SC as a witness and told him that he would not be arrested.  

HA argued that PM did this to win the confidence of SC to get incriminating statements from him.

PM’s assertion was that he did not have sufficient information on 6/26/10 and at that time SC was only a witness.

Witness Dr. Meredith Tinti:

She is a trauma surgeon in Emergency Care at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. She has license to practice in NJ and PA. She has been at this hospital for last six years. Her job is to perform surgery and provide surgical care to patients who have traumatic injury due to a car accident, assault, a fall, etc. that could be life threatening.

The State requested the Judge to recognize Dr. Tinti as an expert witness. With the consent of the defense, the Judge recognized Dr. Tinti as an expert witness in Medicine.

Here is the summary of her testimony:

Divyendu Sinha was brought to RWJ by ambulance at 3:20 AM on June 26, 2010. She had given permission to Raritan Bay Medical Center to transfer Divyendu Sinha to RWJ.

She had received medical history from  another hospital.

 Head to toe visual examination was done. It showed minimal brain activity. Level of consciousness, physical movement, pupil movement, normal gag reflex, etc. were absent. Blood Pressure was high but other signs were OK. X-Rays, Ultrasound and Cat scans were done. Ultrasound did not show any blood in stomach. Cat scan showed large bleeding of brain. 6 x7.4 cm. clot was seen. Brain had shifted two cms. To the left.

Catscan of neck, chest, bones, pelvic area, and abdomen showed no injury except slight pneumonia which is common in cases of unconsciousness as secretions go into lungs instead of stomach.

We provided supportive care, i.e., ventilator and monitoring of vital signs but no invasive procedure was done. I contacted the neurosurgeon because there was no brain activity.

Dr. Divyendu Sinha was declared dead at 4:00 AM on June 28, 2010. Death diagnosis was Traumatic Brain Injury.

To a question from CK, Dr. Tinti said that this was an expert opinion.

Defense had no questions for Dr. Tinti.

Witness Briana Amato:

She lives in Old Bridge with her parents, is 19 years old and is a freshman at Penn State College.

On 6/25/10, I was at a graduation party at 8 Amy Ct., Old Bridge. After I arrived at the party, JD called me twice, at 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM. He wanted to come to the party and I told him both the times that he could not come to the party. I did not know who he was with.

Witness James Sheehan:

Lives in Old Bridge, 17 years old, a junior in high school.

6/25/2010 was nothing unusual for me. I was contacted by the police on 6/28/2010. They had asked me my whereabouts on 6/25/2010. I was at Wendy’s. I saw SC at Wendy’s. I was not with James Genoea. Do not know JD, CJ, CT, CC. I walked home from Wendy’s. On being shown photographs of SC’s car, I have never seen that (SC’s) car. I never have been in any car with any of the defendants. I do not consider any of the defendants as my friend.

Witness James Joseph Genoea:

Lives in Old Bridge with his parents, 17 years old and a junior in high school.

06/25/2010- I do not remember that day. Detectives contacted me. I was at Wendy’s at 3:30 PM. I was not at Wendy’s with James Sheehan.

CK: Do you know the defendant? Vaguely; I have heard from others.

I know JD from school. CC from wrestling. I do not know CT and CJ.

I was not in defendant’s car on 6/25/10,

My sister picked me up from Wendy’s.Witness Ashley Cullaine:

Lives in Old Bridge, 18 years. Goes to Caldwell College.

On 6/25/2010 I was out of state for a week.

I know SC from Grammar school. I did not come in contact with SC on 6/25/2010. Three days after that 0n 6/28/10 I initiated the contact. I wanted to know if he were OK. I said, what the f*** happened? SC: Can’t even tell. (AC): I would like to know. (AC): Why are others not in jail or arrested? SC: I do not know.

HA: Did you know, JD, CJ, CT, CJ? AC: Yes.

Witness Derrick Pellegra:

Lives in Old Bridge, NJ. 17 years. Works in his father’s auto body shop as estimator. I know MM. Red Mazda Miata was damaged. I gave an estimate of repairing/replacing damaged parts. It was $2285.88. Estimates are created by a computer. MM did not get the car fixed.

— ———————————————————————————-Today, 04/26/2012 remaining three prosecution witnesses will testify. This should be done by 11:00 AM. Defense has only a few character witnesses. Summations by the attorneys and the Judge’s instruction in Law should be done by Friday afternoon at which point the Jury will start deliberation.

 We know that the whole society, Indian Americans as well as Americans are with her in her quest for justice.  Please also visit our web site www.divyendusinha.com; you may also leave your thoughts there.

You may also see newspaper reports at: http://www.nj.com/news/ search for Divyendu or Sinha.

Please attend the trial to show your support, forward this to your contacts and encourage them to attend the trial too.

Thank you.

Brotherly yours,

Gaurang G. Vaishnav

Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA)

Indian American Defense League (IADL)


 Blog at <http://vicharak1.wordpress.com/>, Twitter at<http://twitter.com/#!/vicharak1>

 Disclaimer: This is a synopsis of court hearing based on notes taken by me. Not all communications are captured and while I attempt to be as accurate as possible, there may be legal points that could have been missed or misinterpreted.- Gaurang 

Court Address, Directions and Parking Information:

Middlesex County Superior Court

56 Paterson Street, Fifth Floor (Judge Ferencz’s Court Room)

New Brunswick, NJ 08901-2014 

(732) 519-3200 ‎

Click for Directions

 The court is on the fifth floor. Look for the Judge Bradley Ferencz’s court room (Go to the Right from the elevator).

 Paid Parking (very reasonable rates) is available at several locations.


Ferren Deck on Church Street is most convenient, as you can access the court house by following signs (third floor) from the parking deck itself.

 For GPS and MapQuest directions to Ferren Deck, use

180 Church Street

New Brunswick, NJ 08901 or click here.

 (If you are coming off Rte. 18 and going South on Rte. 27, Turn left at light for Nelson St., then first right on Church St. Go through one traffic light and one stop sign and turn right into Ferren Deck parking. Access to the Court House is from the third floor with clear signage.)

 On street parking with meters is available but very difficult to find. For free on street parking, one has to walk several blocks; it is generally available on side streets off Livingston Ave., west of Suydam Street (15-20 minutes’ walk).

 If you care coming by train (NJ transit), it is only five minute walk from the New Brunswick station. (Across Rte. 27/French St., enter Feren Mall and go to third floor, follow signs for Middlesex Superior Court.)


About Justice For Divyendu Family

This website is created to raise awareness of brutal murder of Dr. Divyendu Sinha by five teenagers in front of his family members on June 25th. It has set of actions anyone concerned to take firm action against perpertrators and help the family.
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