Brief Update on the Status of the case

Sorry, this blog has been unattended for a long time as it happens with many well intended voluntary projects. Recently I have taken it upon myself to update the blog. It will take some time, but it will be done.

In the meantime to update you briefly. out of the five accused. trial of only one, Steven Contreras, driver of the getaway car took place in April 2012, 22 months after the incident! He was found not guilty on most serious charges of first degree murder. He was found guilty on several lesser charges in third and fourth degree which do not entail jail time. However, Jury was hung on one charge of reckless manslaughter which could have netted him 5 to 10 years behind bars.

He was to be retried on that charge in November, 2012 end. Just the day before the trial he accepted a plea bargain with the State. His sentence is deferred till the trial of the remaining accused is completed; but he will face no more than four years jail time. Actual time will be less as after serving 85% of the sentence, he will be eligible for parole. Also, the judge may or may not sentence him to full four years.

No trial date has been set for the remaining four defendants. It could be as early as March of this year or as late as September.

Stay Tuned.

Thank you.

Gaurang G. Vaishnav


About Justice For Divyendu Family

This website is created to raise awareness of brutal murder of Dr. Divyendu Sinha by five teenagers in front of his family members on June 25th. It has set of actions anyone concerned to take firm action against perpertrators and help the family.
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