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Divyendu Sinha is a resident of Old Bridge, New Jersey with his wife and two Teenage children.  He received a B. Tech (Honors) in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India  in 1982 and Ph. D in Computer Science from the Stevens Institute of Technology in 1987.  Before joining the College of Staten Island and the doctoral faculty of the City University of New York, he was a faculty member at Stevens Institute of Technology.  He has also taught short courses for SPIE and IEEE.

Dr Sinha has over fifty publications in mathematical morphology, fuzzy set theory, and artificial intelligence.  He chaired three SPIE conferences on real-time imaging and is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Real-time Imaging and the Journal of Electronic Imaging.  Dr. Sinha has consulted for industry in the areas of efficient algorithm development,  object-oriented software design, and machine vision.  He spend his sabbatical year at Research Devices, Inc. where he was the manager of software development for flip-chip bonders.  His last position was  consulting for Robotic Vision Systems, Inc., where he is responsible for the specification and design of software and hardware architectures for wafer inspection system.

Divyendu was not only a caring and loving member of his family but also remembered by his friends, students, community and co-workers as someone who cares,  who is ready to help, who was there when needed.

Book authored by Divyendu Sinha along with Edward R. Dougherty.

30 Responses to Divyendu bio


    It is a socked news for the family,socity and country. It is a huge loss. May god bless peace to departed soul.

  2. Chirag says:

    May MAA bless the departed soul with eternal peace. My support for the family members to strengthen their lives and to face life ahead bravely…

  3. APURVA KR DUTT says:

    Very sad & horrific incident. May God give peace to his soul and strength to family members to bear this irreparable loss . Regards
    Lucknow – INDIA

  4. maha says:

    I am stunned by this incident. This reminds me the feeling that wherever you are be careful about your surroundings. No place can be safe, unless we take precautionary safety measures.
    May God bless the sole of this great gentlemen. May God bring strength to the family to move forward. The family has to go thru tough patch.
    My hear felt condolences.

  5. Nagaraju says:

    May God give courage to the dependents living. Govt should take strict action on those criminals.

  6. Nagaraju says:

    May God give courage to the dependants living. Govt should take strict action on those criminals.

  7. Adelina says:

    our prayers are with the family…May God bring those criminals to justice…

  8. sumesh k verma says:

    I did not know Divyendu personally. I live in Houston,Texas. I happen to be from IIT Kharagpur as well, though 9 years senior to Divyendu. I feel a sense of bond to Divyendu. Obviously it is a very sad and tragic event. May his soul rest in peace. Our thoughts and prayers are always with Divyendu’s family. We pray his family gets the strength to go through this difficult time.

  9. Javaid Aslam says:

    Deeply saddened to hear this tragic news.
    It is also very demoralizing for the whole Indian community to hear such outrageous hate crime (I would not call it anything else).
    May God provide all the healing and support that the family has to bear.

    I also would like the whole community to contemplate on what could be done to not let repeat any such incidences or attempts in the future.

  10. Sudhir K says:

    Shocked to hear and sorry for the suffering family. May the guilty be punished by the court of law. This is not a loss to the community, but a big setback for the country.

  11. Malika says:

    It is huge loss to the family but we should now get together and ensure the culprits are hanged till death.
    May we get justice for him to help his soul rest in peace. My wishes to his family.

  12. Paresh Rawal says:

    Extremely shocked and sad by this news.

    May His Soul rest in peace and may GOD give all strength to get through this.
    We pray for this family.

    Is there anyway we can transfer these bastards to any Indian Jail ( preferably Tihar) and provide due Indian justice ?

  13. chennaiunitsforsale says:

    This is not only a great loss for his family and friends but also a great loss to the society. It is very rare to find such a brilliant man.

  14. Rathin Chowdhury says:

    It was shocking to me and my family when we learnt about it a week ago through NRP radio station news bulletin. Our thoughts and prayers are for the departed soul and the family members of the departed. Let us try to reflect as acommunity who we are at a moment like this. Indian community is the biggeast group of contributor to the US economy and the biggeast group of professionals in the US and yet we have the least representation in the US political system. Let us wake up, get involved in the community and the political system, raise our voice, and give us visibility through our presence in all aspects US social life and political system. This way we will prove ourselves strong as a community and people will take note of it. Let not sacrifice of Divyendu’s life go in vain.

  15. Siddhartha Basu says:

    I am shocked to hear this. Where is the hate coming from? I pray that the Sinha family pulls through the crisis. The criminals should be punished as prescribed by the law. The contribution of Divyendu Sinha and other Indian Americans in the society must not be overlooked. I only hope that, we, as a country, continue to teach our next generations that diversity and inclusiveness made us the greatest country in the world and we should not get distracted by isolated hate crimes committed by immature or misguided individuals.

  16. Akhilesh Sinha says:

    We pray for the departed soul. May God give us the strength to bear this shock.

    Akhilesh Sinha

  17. Raj says:

    I am too a resident of Old Bridge and live in the next development from this family and this incident. We are horrified by this senseless crime and send our deepest sympathy to the family for their great loss and hope god gives them strength through this awful time. May the thugs that did this be punished forever.

  18. Paul says:

    Though I did not know Divyendu or his family, I was deeply moved by this sad story. May God give Divyendu’s soul rest and give his family and loved ones the strength they need to find their way through this horrible ordeal. I will certainly keep you all in my prayers during this trying time.

  19. Pritish Mukherjee says:

    Since Divyendu was a resident of a different hall in IIT KGP, I never had an interaction with him but we were together during that time in the campus. The extreme conditions under which his brilliant and caring life was snuffed out needs to be overwhelmingly fought by the Indian community at large. May God give sufficient courage and patience to the distraught family to bear the loss of a caring father and a supportive husband. He must have done a huge amount of good deeds to garner such a wide support even while he is no more. His sad demise is a huge loss to the R&D in real time imaging, to the mankind in general and a big blow to the community at large. May the truth prevail and guilty are punished with maximum sentence.

  20. Viswa says:

    Deeply shocked and saddened by the news. May His Soul rest in peace and may GOD give all strength to get through this.
    We pray for this family.

  21. resident OB says:

    Sickened to hear this tragic news – May God give his family the courage to pull through this trying time. And OB residents – lets push to get justice served to those cruel animals (yes – they don’t deserve to be called humans) …

  22. Mona says:

    My heart goes ot to the family. May gods blessings be with them and May his soul be at peace. I hope these culprits pay for what they have done.

  23. Gill says:

    I am extremely upset and sad. God has to do justice and give the strength to his family to cope with all this.

  24. Suman says:

    I cant even imagine what the family must be going through. I pray to god to give his family enough strength. This is so sneseless and brutal. May his soul rest in peace. I hope the culprits are punished to fullest extent and pay for this senseless cruel act.


  25. Subramaniyam Seetharaman says:

    I dont have words to describe this horrific attack.
    May his soul rest in peace.


  26. Sachchit Kumar Pandey says:

    Senseless acts of violence without provocation by these hoodlum teenagers gives rise to the feelings of insecurity of the highest order among the family members and close friends. I am deeply disturbed to hear that a fellow ethnic Bharatiya has died in vain at such a young age from Old Bridge, New Jersey. Bhagwaan unki aatma ko shanti deh. My deepest condolences towards the family members that have to endure the pain of loss of someone they loved very much.


  27. Ashwath says:

    I am a resident of Middlesex County myself (Metuchen), and I and my family have been extemely saddened by this senseless tragedy. I pray everyday for Divyendhu’s Family. I also pray that those psychopaths responsible for this are brought to justice.

    I do feel reassured to see that this website is up and that the community is showing support for the Sinha family. If there is anything the community can do to support in terms of rallying in support of the family or sending any for of aid and supprt to the family please post the information on this website. I am ready and willing to contribute in any way possible.

    I hope the Sinha family will continue to stay strong despite the circumstances and continue to make Divyendu proud. May God’s blessings be with them.

  28. Krishnarjun Iyer says:

    Indeed a shocking and sad news. Cannot believe such things can happen and very unfortunate. May God bless the departed soul and give the family strength to go through the tough times.

  29. shobha mehta says:

    We are very shocked and sad to learn about untimely death of a dear indian brother. May his soul be at peace and God give ‘sahan-shakti’ to the brieved family.

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