Account of the Funeral on June 30, 2010 from a visitor (with appeal to community to help the family):

Dear All,

Few hours ago my family visited Divyendu Sinha’s funeral.  We saw many hundreds of people across the cross section of races whose lives Divyendu and his family touched.

It was heart breaking to see his wife and two teenage sons who lost their loved one in a senseless attack.   What is tragic is they have to bear the loss with the images of the the brutal attack done in front of their eyes, for no reason, no provocation while they tried to stop helplessly.

Those who came up and gave eulogies are from the cross sections, from his past PhD student who said how he used to enjoy Indian food at their home, to his manager at Siemens who could not control his grief and sorrow and pledged to do his best to see the family through,  to the faculty member at College of Staten Island who want to start a scholarship (or funding) program in his name and many friends who accounted their memories and his scholarship.  The priest who conducted the ceremony has done a great job of informing the ceremony procedure to those who are not acquainted.

Though this loss is primarily to his family and to his close relatives and friends, but it is also that of larger community.   If one family is insecure, it is insecurity for all of us.  It could be anyone of us.   We do not know the motives of those who attacked, it could be racial, it could be first easy target they found to perpetrate their gruesome violence and perhaps Indian Americans in their view are easy targets.  The bigger issue is whether the administration will handle this fairly.  Given the past history, such as family of Geetha Angara from Holmdel, NJ who was brutally murdered at work place is still waiting for justice even after five years  shows it is imperative that community come together to bring justice.

What next?   While we are attentive to this now, it cannot be a matter of first few days.  The family has to continue and they would need support, emotionally, financially and legally.   The family has to go on and there are two teenagers who needs to go to college.  (Please see the website ).  We have to ensure that justice is done to the family and community can play a big role in showing support.   Many times these cases are diluted with the affected getting little support in the end.    This case has to be pursued effectively in both criminal and civil courts.   The civil courts have to pursued to ensure that the family is compensated adequately for the loss of sole incoming member of the family.

In helping them we are helping ourselves.  We have to come together as a community and be their larger family.


Details of the funeral:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Start: 1:00 P. M.
Cremation 3:00 P. M.


Franklin Memorial Park
1800 State Route 27 (Lincoln Highway) (Corner of Cozzens Lane and Rte. 27; Cozzens Lane runs between Rte. 1 South and Rte. 27.)
North Brunswick, NJ 08902

(732) 545-4184

3 Responses to Funeral

  1. Mark May says:

    Very sorry for this tragic, senseless loss. This is a disgrace to our society and our country. I hope and pray the family can make it through this.

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  3. Arun Iyer says:

    I am very saddened to hear this. I was brought up in Central NJ myself. This is an outrage against an innocent life.

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