July 15, 2010,  Press Release from Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office seeking to try teens as adults in Old Bridge homicide

Click here for letter written to Mayor James Phillips of Old Bridge, New Jersey

[ Click here to visit the page, ‘How you can help’  on this website for various steps you can take to contact lawmakers and law enforcement personnel for ensuring justice is done to the family. ]

4 Responses to Lawmakers

  1. Juan says:

    Old Bridge Mayor to lay off 31 cops

  2. Ash says:

    Has anyone been following the legal proceedings? Where is the case now as it stands? I see the Prosecutor made petition to try them as adults but has the judge decided? Also i still see that the names of the perpetrators have not been released (although I found their names revealed by resididents of old bridge on various other sites)

  3. Kishan Sarkar says:

    This was a senseless attack on a member of the Indian community and although no words or actions at this point can comfort Mrs. Sinha, Ashish, and Ravi for the loss of Dr. Sinha, our thoughts, prayers, and concerns are with the family. We hope the perpetrators of this horrific crime are punished to the fullest extent of the law. In the meantime we will show our soliditary with the Sinha family and assist in whatever manner we can.

  4. vijay k jain says:

    I request Bridgetown police, Mayor, and the Governer of the state of NJ must take drastic prompt action to procecude those people involved to attack family and murder the main earning member to the fullest extend. I further demand assurance from the Law makers and law executives safety of Indian community.

    This cannot be any other reason but a racial attack and must not be tolerated at any costs.

    I look forward to see the proper justice soon.

    Thank you.

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